Research-Based Curatorial Project: Shortlist Exhibition

Opening:Tuesday, September 7, 2018

Duration: September 7 - November 30, 2018


Shortlisted program:


PICTURING HISTORIES: Historical Narratives in Contemporary Chinese Photography

He Yi’ning


METAMORPHOSIS: Art Practices Now Activating Archives and Public Memories

Hu Hao, Liu Zhangbolong, Nie Xiaoyi



Webmasters of the Circular Cybercafe (Li Yuansu, Li Zhengzhong, Shen Chuchu, Wang Zhenyu, Wang Zezhou)



Mo Wanli, Deng Yuanye, Lin Lin



Xu Ran


OrganizerOCAT Institute

Support:Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd.

Media Support VART,  CAFA Art Info

Address: OCAT Institute, Jinchanxilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing (100 meters North from Subway Line 7 Happy Valley Scenic Area Station Exit B)


OCAT Institute is honoured to present the exhibition “Research-Based Curatorial Project: Shortlist Exhibition” from September 7 to November 30, 2018. “Research-based exhibition” is a type of art exhibition with specific characteristics and functions. It treats artworks, artists, or artistic phenomena as objects for data collecting and analytical interpretation, subsequently transforming the results of such research into visual and spatial presentations. The Research-Based Curatorial Project is a program launched by OCAT Institute with the aim of encouraging curatorial research in conjunction with exhibition curating. Dedicated to discovering and facilitating art research programs and comprehensive exhibition of the research results, this curatorial project aims to provide institutional guidance and resources for outstanding young scholars and curators in the fields of contemporary art and art history, and build a platform that promotes communications in the arena of the arts.


This year we received a total of eighteen complete proposals, from which five were selected after the initial evaluation. Five curators/teams based on their own practical experience, or an examination and rethinking of the current social relations/behaviors, historical archives/narration and even an implementation method of art, have demonstrated the five curatorial proposals are interwoven with the scholarly and artistry despite the impressive differences in content and methods .This exhibition presents the five shortlisted curatorial proposals to critics, artists and the public. It is also a preliminary demonstration of the results of the Research-Based Curatorial Project, with the hope of arousing further interest and discussion. A final project will be selected from the five proposals to be officially exhibited as a fully realized show at the Institute in spring 2019.

Public Activity

2018 Research-based Curatorial Project Workshop

15:00-17:00  September 9th

Participants: W. J. T. Mitchell, Wu Hung

He Yi’ning, Hu Hao, Liu Zhangbolong, Nie Xiaoyi, Li Yuansu, Li Zhengzhong, Shen Chuchu, Wang Zhenyu, Wang Zezhou, Mo Wanli, Deng Yuanye, Lin Lin, Xu Ran