The Cosmos and ‘Cosmism’: History, Contemporary and Future

Speakers:Yang Zhao (Ph.D. Science History) and Keke Du (senior editor of

Host: Zi’an Chen, researcher of Long March Project

Time: May 27 (Sunday) 2018, 15:00 – 17:00

Location/Venue: OCAT Institute, Beijing


Violence, conflict, and war have completely brought globalization out of control, and the accelerated upgrade and extraordinary variation of artificial intelligence (AI) may be an even more deadly crisis for the mankind. Thus, the imagination of the order of the universe becomes an outlet for us to think about the future destiny. As Boris Groys said, “space is the last frontier—the final chance for a genuine human endeavor.”


On the occasion of this exhibition, we are honored to invite science historian Yang Zhao (Ph.D.) and Keke Du (senior editor, as speakers, and Zi’an Chen (Researcher, Long March Project) as the moderator to present this talk. They will base on our present time to discuss this topic from two different perspectives: China’s cosmic imagination and astronomical exploration and Russia’s "Cosmology."