Intertextuality in Images

The OCAT Institute 2018 annual exhibition Metapictures is on view at our gallery space. This is the first time Professor W.J.T Mitchell presents his theory in the form of an exhibition.Metapicture outlines the trajectory and profile of Mitchell’s research; the exhibition shows the way that visual images reflect on themselves, and on the very process of seeing itself. In conjunction with Metapictures, the OCAT Institute invited Wu Qiong (Professor, School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China) to give a special lecture on “Intertextuality in Images”.


Intertextuality in images is omnipresent. This relationship exists both within the image (such as the citation and correction within the medium, or the juxtaposition of different visual media or imaging genres), and exterior of the image (such as the conversation between pictorial and textual modes of expression). Intertextuality not only provides a convenient entrance to understand how images produce meaning, but also a paradigmatic approach to think about the problem of metapictures.