I have spent over twenty years hatching Wittgenstein's duck-rabbit

Speaker: Feng Feng

Time: 2018.12.28  15:00-17:00

Venue: OCAT Institute  

This artistic creation that has lasted for more than twenty years is inspired by Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. While the Duck-Rabbit is a paradigmatic example of Gestalt psychology, philosophers reflect, through this phenomenon, on the relation between sense and cognition. Wittgenstein in Philosophical Investigations utilized this picture to illustrate that if the same object can be seen as two different entities, this indicates that perception is not merely sensual. We need to beware of the multifaceted nature of perception; and that perception reports arise from the union of previous thoughts and experiences.

Having pondered over the duck-rabbit for the past twenty years, Feng Feng incessantly situates the picture within the link between social reality and quotidian life through continuously rendering an abstract philosophical conception into a new species in the visual jungle of society. This process of hatching has lasted since 1993 and lives on.