Artist’s Talk: Memory Corridor I

Time: March 9, 2019

Venue: Auditorium, 1st Floor, OCAT Institute


Guest Speakers: Chen Min, Dong Yuxiang, Li Lang, Shi Zhen, Zhu Lanqing

16:00-16:30 Artist Panel

16:3017:00 Guided Tour with the curator and artists

If we see the subject of the research of history as relics, or perceivable traces left by phenomena that can no longer be known, then the subject of the artworks in The Abode of Anamnesis can be understood as the effect of the visual manifestation of these relics on the ways we retrace, narrate and look at history.

Grounded in media such as photography and archive, Chen Min’s research and creative work explore the interplay between text and image as well as the relationship between history and reality. Dong Yuxiang’s research focuses on topics such as (post-) internet art, bio-art, object-oriented ontology and internet culture in China. Li Lang experiments with documentary photography in a reflective and subjective way in “1974: Image, Text and Memory” and presents an alternative view of one fragment of history with a summary of the important events of 1974 and written memories on the wall. The complex relationship between reality and memory lies at the heart of Shi Zhen’s creative practice. She starts from her own experience and proceeds to look outward, hoping to find the balance between memory and reality in time. Zhu Lanqing’s “Excavation of the Sunk Boat” is an exploration of the history and culture of the Port of Quanzhou based on historical events that took place at a specific location; it paints a highly diverse picture of a region where the past and present converge and agriculture coexists with industry.

As part of the exhibition program, “Memory Corridor” provides an opportunity for audiences to learn about the research and practice of the five artists mentioned above.