2019 Research-Based Curatorial Project Curatorial Workshop | Why Curate?

Time:2019.11.3  14:00-16:00

Veune: OCAT  Institute

Academic Moderator: Lu Mingjun

Participants: Duffy Du, Pan Yuxi, Wang Huan, Wang Ziyun

The OCAT Institute iscurrently exhibiting the 2019 Research-Based Curatorial Project: Shortlist Exhibition. During the exhibition, two curatorial workshops will be organizedin discussion with theshortlisted curatorson theirthe exhibitions and researches.

Curation is not an emerging profession.Under the current artecosystemand context, curation faces unprecedented pressures, challenges and opportunities. Perhaps, thisphenomenon anticipates a newera of curatorialship. If so,howwill curatorsdeal with this new change and howdo they keep maintaining fervor and passion for this profession?

This workshop invites art critic and curator Lu Mingjun tojoin the shortlisted curators, Duffy Du, Pan Yuxi, Wang Huan, and Wang Ziyun and togetherthey rethink why they choose to curate. Whatare their motivations behindcurating? What is the function of curation?Whatis theexciting about curating? What are the requirements for curatingprofessionally? How dowe view the relationship between curatorial and artistic writing and academic research? What is the biggestchallengein the current curatorialpractice?Is there away out for independentcuratorialship? ......