Sites and Images

Sites and Images

Editor-in-chief: Wu Hung Guo Weiqi

Publisher: China Nationality Art Photograph Publishing House

Language: Chinese and English

283 pages

Framed: paperback

ISBN: 9787512210509



Sites and Images is produced in conjunction with the annual exhibition, Sites and Images: Two Research Projects of Oxford University and the University of Chicago. The book is divided into two sections, same as the exhibition.


The Oxford section included Professor Jas Elsner’s introductory essay for the exhibition, in which he examined the history of archaeological sites and objects’ change. The historical records of photography, as a result, offered convincing evidence for comparative studies. Sally Crawford and Katharina Ulmschneider, senior research fellows at Oxford University, began their essay with the history of photography and elaborated on photography’s significance on the formation of archeology as a concept and its development. 


For the Chicago section, Katherine R. Tsiang, Associate Director of the Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago, contributed an article of the same title as the exhibition. Tsiang gave a detailed account of the exhibition and traced back to Tianlongshan caves’ early history and its recent removal from its original sites to the rest of the world. Professor Wu Hung’s essay, entitled "Immovable Monuments’ and the Ideal of Archaeological Arts", theoretically reflected on immovable monuments’ requirements of objects’ in their original sites and proposed the ideals of archaeological arts. In addition, the exhibition presented the 3D and the digital reconstruction of the whole cave, which was collaborated by the Cultural Preservation Bureau of Tianlongshan Caves, Taiyuan University of Technology, and Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago.Zhang Xiao from Taiyuan University of Technology provided an explanatory text on the technologies involved in this project.


In the appendix, it included the English version of Alois Riegl’s article the Modern Cult of Monuments: Its Character and Its Origin and its revised Chinese version by Professor Chen Ping of Shanghai University.The book is bilingual in Chinese and English and features more than 100 pictures from the exhibitions.



Huang Zhuan

General Preface

Guo Weiqi

Preface:In the Light of Pluralist Comparison 


Site·Object·BiographyArchaeology and Photography

Jaś Elsner

The Excavated Object: Time, Change and Archaeology in the History of Art  

Sally Crawford and Katharina Ulmschneider

Archaeologists, Early Photography, and the Search for Time

Catalogue of Works in the Exhibition A51-A59


The Buddhist Cave Temples and Sculptures of Tianlongshan Historical Photographs and New Imaging Technology   


Preface: Katherine Renhe Tsiang Wei-cheng Lin


Katherine Renhe Tsiang

The Buddhist Cave Temples and Sculptures of Tianlongshan:Historical Photographs and New Imaging Technology

Zhang xiao

The Digital Virtual Restoration of the Tianlongshan Caves 

Wu Hung

“Immovable Monuments” and the Ideal of Archaeological Arts 


Catalogue of Works in the Exhibition B1-B33



Alois Riegl  

The Modern Cult of Monuments:Its Character and Its Origin

(Chinese trans. Kurt W. Forster ; English trans. Diane Ghirardo)