Word 3: The History of Art as Ideas

Editor-in-chief: Huang Zhuan

Publisher:  Ling Nan Fine Art Publishing House

Language: Chinese

269 pages

Framed: paperback

ISBN: 978-7-5362-5646


About Word3

World 3 is an annually published academic journal organized by OCAT Institute. Taking art history as its basic orientation while exploring points of connectivity in other disciplines, the journal features original publications and Chinese translations of innovative thematic research in art history and theory, and in other relevant fields such as cultural, social, and intellectual history, the history of linguistics, psychology, philosophy, and religion. Other sections include review and commentary on associated international events, publications, exhibitions, and research institutions. The series offers a publishing platform for the research outcomes in related fields, and strives for conditions that cultivate new modalities of thinking and epistemology in Chinese scholarship. 


The title of the journal is inspired by the philosopher Karl Popper, who employs the notion of “World 3” to designate a reality of human artifacts that exists independently of our natural and mental worlds.Objective and antonymous, this sphere of existence is both a product of critical rationality and the foundation for the continuation and development of culture. Guided by this philosophical principle, World 3 endeavors to articulate the theoretical ethos of the world of art and to foster the open academic attitude it demands.


Honorary Editor-in-Chief: Wu Hung


Editorial Committee (2014)

Wu Hung                   Professor at University of Chicago

Fan Jingzhong           Professor at China Academy of Art

Liu He                       Professor at Columbia University

Yin Jinan                   Professor at China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Eugene Wang            Professor at Harvard University, 

Shaw Hung                Professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 

Shen Yubing              Professor at Zhejiang University

Huang Zhuan             Professor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts 

Dong Bingfeng         OCAT Institute


Table of Contents


Huang Zhuan         Foreword


New Studies of the History of Art


E.H. Gombrich        Aby Warburg: First Teachers and Studies(1886-1888)

Wu Hung                 “Reading Absence” Lecture Series

Shaw Hung              The Diachronic Expressions of Design Criticism

Shen Yubing            The History of Art as Ideas: Meyer Schapiro and his Research into Modern Art

Lu Mingjun             Painting, Perception and the History of Art: Narrative of Modernity and Jonathan Crary’s  Archaeology of Visual Perception


Theory and Criticism

Zhao Wen                Gesture in the Enlightenment Apparatus: The Concept of Enlightenment as Center


Project Updater

Fan Baiding           Spreading Art History in China: Introduction to Classics of Art History

Ouyang Xiao         Synopsis of “Legacy of Aby Warburg”: The   First Installment of Georges Didi-Huberman Lecture Series


Institutional Profiles

Fan Baiding             Villa I Tatti: Scholarship and Life in a Modern Renaissance Garden


Book Review 

Zhang Jian               The Humanist Ideal in the German Tradition of the History of Art: On The Critical Historians of Art by Michael Podro

Asher Biemann         Dreamland of Humanists by Emily J. Levine

Song-yong Sing        Aby Warbury and the Image in Motion by Philippe-Alain Michaud


Biographies of Contributors