An Exhibition About Exhibitions: Displaying Experimental Art in the 1990s.

Publisher: China Nationality Art Photograph Publishing House (Beijing)

Series: OCAT Institute Exhibition and Archival Research Series

Paperback: 257 pages

Language: Chinese

ISBN: 7512208669


OCAT Institute Exhibition and Archival Research Series presents publications that focus onshowcasing research achievements in the field of Chinese contemporary art of OCAT Institute. With a historical approach, OCAT Institute is committed to the exploration of the relations between contemporary art and the histories of human spirit, ideas, ideology, and visual culture. It concentrates on bridging the theoretical gap between art histories of contemporary and ancient periods.

An Exhibition About Exhibitions: Displaying Experimental Art: Displaying Experimental Art in the 1990s is translated into Chinese from the original version Exhibiting Experimental Art in China written in English. The book focuses on the issue of exhibition in Chinese contemporary art and discusses its objective, organization, conditions and challenges. The book is divided into the following sections: Introduction: Experimental Exhibitions in the 1990s, An Exhibition about an Exhibition, It’s Me: A Case Study of an Exhibition, and Twelve Experimental Exhibitions: A Documentary History.


About the author:

Wu Hung, a permanent member of the American Academy of Art and Science, is a famous art historian, critic, and curator. Currently he holds the Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professorship at the Department of Art History and the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, and is also the director of the Center for the Art of East Asia and the Consulting Curator at the Smart Museum at the same university. He sits on many international committees including Guggenheim Museum’s Asian Art Council, and chairs the Academic Committees of OCT Contemporary Art Terminal and Yuz Museum. Wu Hung’s research interests include both traditional and contemporary art. Regarding contemporary art, he has curated many exhibitions since the 1980s, including individual artists’one-person shows, thematic group exhibitions, and biennales and triennials. In addition to the catalogues that he compiled for these exhibitions, he has published many influential books and anthologies, including Making History: Wu Hung on Contemporary Art(2008), Wu Hung on Contemporary Chinese Artists (2009), Contemporary Chinese Art: Primary Documents (2010), and Contemporary Chinese Art: A History (2014).